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1. The Rector is the Superior of the local Salesian Community. He animates and directs the whole community towards the achievement of all educational goals in the light of the school philosophy and mission. Together with the House Council, the Rector bears the responsibility for all policy decisions and implementation.

2. The Governing Council/House Council assists the Rector in everything that concerns the animation and government of the training centre and Salesian community. It is the policy-making body of the centre. The members of the House Council are the following: Rector, Vicar, Economer, and Salesians responsible for the principal sectors of the community's activity.

3. The Vicar assists the Rector and assumes the position of the Rector in the latter's absence or incapacity.

4. The Economer is the financial officer who is responsible for all financial transactions and accounting records of the house. He takes direct responsibility for the Hostel, construction and maintenance of the building. The accounts office collaborates with him.

6. The COUNSELLOR takes care of psychological and behavioural growth of students. Oversees to the Peer 'C' formation and activities.

7. The School Principal is the educational leader and chief executive who is responsible for policy implementation and co-ordination of all training and educational tasks in the school. He oversees the regular operation of the whole school. Together with his staff, the Principal plans, organises, co-ordinates, supervises and evaluates all the curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school.

8. The Secretary/Registrar is the custodian of student records and credentials. She / He takes care of the registration of the students.